Pearls and Punks…together?!

When you think of Pearls do you instantly image a classic white pearl strand necklace? If you do then the idea of Punks wearing Pearls must be hard to grasp.
But get ready as this Autumn you are going to see a feast of Punk inspired Pearls!

Coleman Douglas PearlsOur ‘Warrior’ collection, which won the Tahitian Pearl Trophy for innovatinve design, is the perfect example of how Pearls can look ‘Biker Chic’ as well as elegant. The Collection plays on the different textures and contradictions between soft leather woven into a barbed wire effect and the lustrous beauty of Tahitian Pearls.
Coleman Douglas Pearls
The stunning Tahitian Pearls used in the ‘Warrior’ armband on the right add a variety of metallic blues, greens, and greys to the bracelet, adding depth and contrast to the black leather.

John Shepherd wearing Coleman Douglas Pearls
Actor John Shepherd, who stars in the BBC1 TV show Eastenders, can be seen here wearing our single strand barbed wire necklace with a single Tahitian Pearl.
It has a leather lasso fastening which allows you to alter the length of the Tahitian Pearl pendant.
This necklace is also available with large irregular black Freshwater Pearls.
Coleman Douglas Pearls
Our ‘Retro’ collection is also made up of pearls and leather. Although here we have used Freshwater Pearls and black, blue and pink strips of leather.
The image on the right shows our ‘Retro’ black leather choker and cuffs.
If you would like to see more of this collection join us at our Pearl Showroom.

Here at Coleman Douglas Pearls we also offer a variety of services.
Bespoke design, Ear piercing, Re-stringing and Re-designing services.
Call us on 020 7373 3369 to find out more about them.

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