Buying Pearls

Coleman Douglas Pearls
Are you after the perfect pearl necklace, pearl bracelet or pearl earrings?
If so there are 6 very important points to consider when purchasing pearls.

Below is an easy way to remember the points.

Long Time Cravings Sometimes Suddenly Stop.

L is for Coleman Douglas PearlsLustre. Whatever your budget you should never scrimp on Lustre. If necessary compromise on size and blemishes, for it is the pearl lustre that lights up the wearer’s face giving her a glowing complexion.
Here at Coleman Douglas Pearls we individually choose all our pearls for their deep lustre.
Coleman Douglas Pearls
T is for Thickness of nacre. The thicker the nacre is the longer the pearls will last, and usually the better their lustre will be. It is important to check that the pearls do not have dull spots as this means the nacre coating is too thin in that area.
Coleman Douglas Pearls
C is for Colour. You must always choose the colour to suit the skin tone of the wearer.
Our Pearl Team are always on hand to help find you the perfect pearl colour for you.

Coleman Douglas PearlsS is for Shape. Choose what looks best on you. Big and round does not suit everyone.

S is for Surface perfection. A few marks on a pearl give the hallmark of genuineness, but very blemished pearls are to be avoided.

S is for Size. This is the lastColeman Douglas Pearls point to be considered as no matter how big the pearls are, if they are dull then they will look heavy to the eye and weight the wearer down. It is essential to consider the overall build of the wearer when thinking about the right pearl size.

If you would like to know more about pearls then come along to one of our Pearl Talks happening throughout the year.

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