Hey Good Lookin’

Coleman Douglas Pearls
Why do so many celebrities wear pearls?
It is as simple as this, pearls make their wearer glow!

The reason why pearls glow is because of the light being refracted around the pearl and then reflected out.

‘Pearls are the secret weapon when wanting to look elegantly understated.’ – Chrissie Douglas
Coleman Douglas Pearls
Here at Coleman Douglas Pearls we have numerous Pearl designs suitable for every occasion.

Our ‘Fruits of the Forest’ collection is perfect for this season.
Inspired by long summer walks in pine scented forests, the designs highlight the structure of many wild fruits and flowers with a colour fusion of forest fruits and the green of leaves.

Coleman Douglas PearlsHere we have 2 of our single strand Freshwater Pearl spacer necklaces twisted together.
The necklaces are made up of contrasting coloured Freshwater Pearls and Seed Pearls.
A fun alternative to the classic pearl strand.
These necklaces are also available in single block colours.
Multi-strand Copper Bracelet with an Amber centrepiece
This 6 strand Freshwater Droplet Pearl bracelet with Amber centre piece is a fabulous accessory for the summer.
The unpolished surface of the Amber stone reflects the texture of bark and the depth of colour in the copper Freshwater Droplet Pearls.

Coleman Douglas Pearls
Another necklace that reflects the beauty and texture of nature is this fabulous long wooden spacer rope.
Made with pink and black Freshwater Pearls spaced out with wooden curved rectangular beads.
This rope can be adapted for any number of occasions and events.

Pop into our Pearl Showroom to see more of our wonderful Pearl Designs, or take advantage of our Bespoke Service.

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