Men Beware …Friday Regulations!

‘It is the solemn duty of all males to ensure they look after their female partner, whether in a state of matrimony or not!’ – Stephen Mason
Friday gifts
Having come across Stephen Mason’s Draft Regulations we at Coleman Douglas Pearls just had to share them with you…the fact that we are an all female team who love to receive gifts is besides the point!

friday gift ea1370‘Males shall provide, out of love and honour, a Friday Afternoon Present to their wives, girlfriends, partners.’
I need to highlight that Stephen Mason’s ‘Friday Afternoon’ term actually includes ‘…every day of the week and any time of any day during the week.’ Also the ‘Present’ can be anything, from a beautiful bouquet of flowers to a surprise weekend away.
A few of Mason’s suggestions included ‘…a poem, a postcard to tell her how much you love her or an item of jewellery.’…I’d like to take this opportunity to suggest some Pearl Jewellery! Maybe a pair of freshwater pearl studs
Coleman Douglas Pearls
One of our clients, he shall stay anonymous, decided to whisk his wife away to Venice for the weekend surprising her on their way home with one of our stunning made to order Tahitian Pearl strands.

A rather fantastic ‘Friday Afternoon Present’ don’t you think?!
Needless to say…she was delighted.

NColeman Douglas Pearlso matter what your budget is, we have the perfect ‘Friday Afternoon Present‘ for your girlfriend, wife or partner. Call into our Pearl Showroom, located at 42 Beauchamp Place, London, SW3 1NX, where a member of our Pearl Team will be happy to guide and help you find that ideal gift.

‘The failure to provide Friday Afternoon Presents will be deemed to be symptom of the failure of the male of the species to understand his mate!’ The choice is yours…

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