Is it a Bird? a Plane? just another hat at Ascot!

Every year the hats seem to get bigger, brighter and Bolder!
The past week has provided nonstop entertainment as we gazed upon the Royal Ascot fashions. Some stunning outfits, others….eye-opening! Below are our top 3 favorites.

Firstly we have to start with The Queen, for where would Royal Ascot be without Royalty!
Ascot The Queen2Above you can see the 4 outfits The Queen has worn so far at Ascot.
Notice the Pearls?! Our Pearl Team did!
At every occasion The Queen’s stunning pearl necklace and pearl earrings are present, taking a back seat while enhancing The Queen’s look.

Ascot Amanda HoldingThe second style that caught our eye was seen on Amanda Holden.
We loved the 1920s touch to her outfit, with the large coral coloured flower detail.

One thing this outfit does lack is some pearls. Perhaps some classic large pearl studs peeping though, or a long freshwater pearl necklace?

Now it would be a crime not to mention this lady!

Ms Rose went to town with her hat creation. Twice the width of her and a third of her height… this hat difies gravity!

Perfectly matching her dress and exceptionally long nails this hat was the largest we have seen all week.
The perfect hat if you want to get noticed and obstruct the spectators view of the racing!
Warning, do not wear this hat if it is windy!

595.summer fruit of forest
Do you have an event coming up? Maybe Wimbledon, Henley or a Wedding?
Need help planning your outfit?
Whether you are going for a detailed or plain dress, pearls are an easy option when accessorizing.
Timeless, elegant, a symbol of beauty, wisdom, purity and wealth… who wouldn’t want to radiate that!
Here are the essential pearl ingredients for your look.

The classic pearl necklace. Long or short it is, FWMed Prl NEas Lucia van der Post puts it ‘…the all-time classic.’
Here at Coleman Douglas Pearls we have a wide range of classic pearl strand necklaces coming in various different lengths and pearl sizes. Call into our Pearl Showroom, located at 42 Beauchamp Place, London, SW3 1NX, to see the full collection.
ASCOT ss studs
Pearl stud earrings … always appropriate.
Olympians – Lizzy Yarnold, actresses – Lupita Nyong’o, and Pop stars – Rihanna, all wear them.
Freshwater Pearl studs, Akoya Pearl studs, Tahitian Pearl studs and South Sea Pearl studs.
Take your pick!

‘You can’t ever go wrong with pearls. Perhaps pearls are a girl’s best friend after all.’ – Ki Hackney


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