Knock knock, who’s there? CANNES!

Cannes film festival is upon us with hollywood celebrities out in force on the Red Carpet.
The questions on people’s lips…who will be wearing what? Will pearls continue to be a popular presence on the Red Carpet? And how can I get Red Carpet jewellery?
cannes film fest Largefw ea
Pearls have the ability to look perfect with anything from jeans to a red carpet dress’ – Chrissie Douglas

This year seemed to be a feather frenzie with Naomi Watts and Julianne Moore both being covered in them.Cannes 1

If you cast your mind back to June last year you will recall Moore wearing a beautiful cream feathered gown with pearl detailing.

In contrast to that gown this year she opted for a gothic black feather bolero with plunging neckline and mid length sleeves, as seen on the right.

Cannes 2
Watts chose to go for more of a ‘full on feather’ take over wearing a dove grey coloured feather gown with train.
The bodice was made up of tiny feathers with sequins and petite pearls.

Fancy some feather fun in your life?
Feather collection
If we are honest Red Carpet gowns are not worn all that regularly, therefore I have come up with a fun feather alternative…Feather Jewellery! Yes you read that correctly, here at Coleman Douglas Pearls we have a whole collection entitled ‘Light as a Feather‘, which contains bracelets and necklaces covered in pearls and feathers.

3173 BL feather and Pearl NE
Take for example our black feather collar. Made using peacock black freshwater pearls alongside black ostrich feathers, we have created an eye catching, optional length, Red Carpet feathered sensation.

Cannes 3
If you would prefer fewer feathers like Julianne Moore then our feather and pearl lasso is for you!

Available in either white or black the lasso can be worn in over 8 different ways.

For the best pearls in London call into our Pearl Company, located at 42 Beauchamp Place, London, SW3 1NX, to see even more of our pearl collections, and to find your very own Red Carpet jewellery!


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