It’s Time!

Only 30 days, 720 hours, 43200 minutes!
Royals and Celebrities love them, and our Pearl Company are passionate about them, it can only be one thing…

P                 E                 A                 R                 L                 S
‘All art is autobiographical. The pearl is an oyster’s autobiography.’ – Federico Fellini

On Monday we step into June, The Pearl Month.

Join us at our Pearl Center, located at 42 Beauchamp Place, Knightsbridge, London, SW3 1NX, to celebrate the month of pearls by sipping exclusive PEARL TEA while checking out our new Coleman Douglas Pearl collections.

A few fun facts to know about pearls:627. TAH strand V.A

Pearls are an aphrodisiac. Louis XIV credited his rude health and libido to having pearl tea every day.
Pearls enhance their wearer. ‘I love the fact that the pearl lustre makes their wearer automatically look radiant. I also love the fact that a pearl will always take a back seat; never outshining their owner and always enhancing her.’ – Chrissie Douglas, our Pearl Guru
– The oldest pearl beds recorded were in the Persian gulf (Ptolemy 307 BC) and Ceylon, visited in 1294 by Marco Polo
– Julius Caesar’s love of pearls is said to have been a contributing factor to his invasion of England in 55BC.
– Pearls symbolize purity, beauty, wisdom and wealth.

535 Scattered pearls
Throughout this ‘blogging’ month we are going to be looking at the various types of pearl available, for example Freshwater pearls, Akoya pearls, Tahitian pearls and South Sea pearls, where and how they are made, what they look like, the colours they come in, and why pearls are so frequently seen on the red carpet and in films.

Pearls play the same role in women’s jewellery collections that the little black dress does in their wardrobes – it is the all-time classic’ – Lucia van der Post. FT How To Spend It

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