…The Warrior Princess…

Zena 6
There has been no end of sporting events recently taking centre stage and now that the Tour de France has started…we think everyone deserves a well earned break.
Keeping with the theme of France our Pearl Team have had their eyes transfixed by the Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2015/16 fashion shows that were being unveiled in Paris.
One show that “Wowed” our Pearl Company was the Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda show. Below we have selected our top 3 favourite looks from this specific show…but which is yours?!

Zena 1
As the music started and the first model walked out, the mouths of the audience fell slightly open as a highly embellished metallic dress came towards us.
The model, looking similar to how we would picture ‘Zena – The Warrior Princess’, wore a golden crown and large chandelier earrings…Quite a look!

The shimmering metallic sheen of the skirt looked similar to the lustre and colour found on a Tahitian Pearl, the obvious choice for any warrior princess.

Zena 2The next model to ‘Wow’ the audience wore a skirt full of coloured feathers, giving off the appearance that she was indeed flying down the catwalk!
The outfit displayed a wonderful mix of contrasting materials and textures, from the large ornate ‘heavy looking’ golden crown to the swirling black organza wrap and feather covered skirt!

The mix of textures reminded us of our ‘Light as a Feather’ collection, where we mix freshwater pearls with black or white ostrich feathers.

Zena 4
The final outfit we had to mention was this black lace Gothic creation, complete with crucifix accessories.
Several of us had to take a double look as for a split second we thought it was Rihanna strutting down the catwalk!

Do you have a slight ‘Gothic Chic’ edge to your look? If so why not play around with peacock black pearls and crucifixes.
For as Jacqueline Kennedy famously said…. ‘Pearls are always appropriate!’

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