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Hand and Pearls
Pearls… how do you care for them? if at all?
Caring for your pearls is as important as brushing your teeth! If you don’t brush your teeth they will slowly go black, if you don’t care for your pearls they will dry up, change colour and crack.
So how do you look after them? Simple, follow our Pearl Teams‘ instructions below.

‘Pearls are part and parcel of everyday dressing sensibly. They are not solely glitzy adornments but ones which are accessible to everyone.’ – Jenny (Client)
627. TAH strand V.A

Wear them:
The best way to care for your pearls is by wearing them as much as possible, sleep in them if you wish! When you wear the pearls your natural oils gently hydrate them, sustaining their luster.
However, Pearls hate fake tan, perfume and hair spray as all of these will dry them out. If you are a perfume’o’holic then might I suggest applying it before you place your pearls on.

Please refrain from wearing your pearls for aerobic exercise or swimming in treated water as the pearls will get damaged by the excessive perspiration and chemicals.

627 tahitian strandsStorage:
Place the pearls into a silk or chamois leather jewellery pouch away from diamonds and metal as both of these materials will scratch your pearls. It is very important to place them in a silk or chamois leather pouch rather than a plastic bag as the pearls must be able to breathe otherwise they will dry out. You should never store your pearls by hanging them up as this will stretch and damage the silk thread.

Once a year you should give your pearls an annual check-up as they might need to be re-strung. You should look out for thread stretching, discolouration or fraying.

So now that you know how to care for your pearls please share this information with your friends… every pearl deserves a good home.

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