What are you wearing?!

Colour fun
It’s the holiday season which means 1 thing…
CCC = Colourful Creative Clothing
But how can you pull this ‘look’ off?
Our Pearl Company, located at Coleman Douglas Pearls Beauchamp Place London, SW3 1NX have the ideal collection inspired by the fun colourful styles seen around London.
Oh and before I continue I would like to point out that …’Pearls are always appropriate’ – Jacqueline Kennedy.

7. Pendants
A classic pendant is an everyday favorite of one of our Pearl Team, but instead of going for a simple pearl drop on a chain, why not opt for one of our colourful semi-precious stone necklaces?

The fun colourful play on the classic look is perfect of this time of year. Wear it on it’s own or doubled up for a layered look that even Kate Moss would envy.
christmas Pearl & Leather Bracelets

Then again perhaps you prefer bracelets

‘Rock Out’ the summer with our leather and freshwater seed pearl bracelets.
Available in a range of colours, these bracelets will add colour and drama to any outfit, no matter what the occasion.

EA354 group .high resNow what type of pearl company would we be if we didn’t mention our colourful pearl studs?! Pink, grey, peacock black, white and copper… we have the pearl studs for you.
Who ever said ‘…pearls are boring’ obviously never met our Pearl Designer!

For more colourful creations follow us on Instagram.

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