Welcome to the FUTURE!

The date was 21.10.2015, and like most days it started out relatively normally, pearl jewellery was being sold, new pearl designs were being made, and London was ticking along nicely…until 4.29pm when we ‘officially’ stepped into the ‘unwritten’ future!
If this makes no sense to you then cast your mind back to the cult classic film ‘Back to the Future’, where Marty and Doc travel through time.
It was on Tuesday when Marty and Doc ‘arrived’ from 1985 in ‘Back to the Future II’. Hover boards, phone glasses and expanding pizza microwaves were just a few of the NEW inventions that greeted them…Did you see them?

They didn’t have time to call into our Pearl Company. But if they had then we would have been able to tell them our predictions for the jewellery future…

WIDE ss row

P                    E                    A                    R                    L                    S

Pearl necklaces, pearl earrings, pearl bracelets and more pearl tiaras!
FW prl Strands
Pearls have been popular since they were first found in the Persian gulf back in 307BC. Worn by the social elite, due to their high price tag, they were a symbol of purity, wisdom, beauty and wealth.

A lot has changed in the ‘pearl world’ since 307BC. Not only have cultured pearl farms emerged, allowing everyone the opportunity of owning pearls, but also a wide variety of freshwater pearl colours and shapes have flooded the market.

When most people imagine the future they think of big bold constructions, white surfaces and smooth textures… Sounds very similar to our ‘Eclectic’ collection!

Made up of large white and grey baroque shaped freshwater pearls, we kept the colours down to a minimum allowing the unusual shapes of the pearls centre stage.

Coleman Douglas Pearls
As well as offering a diverse range of jewellery that is ready to wear, we also offer a wide range of other pearl services, such as ear piercing, a bespoke service, and restringing and redesigning.
Join us at our Pearl Showroom, located at 42 Beauchamp Place, London, SW3 1NX, to find out more about our pearl company.

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