Chanel and CDP

What do Chanel and Coleman Douglas Pearls have in common? PEARLS.

‘A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls‘ – Coco Chanel
Karl pearls

If you had been scrolling through social media recently you might have caught a glimpse of the latest Chanel fashion show, where pearl earrings, necklaces and bracelets ran riot through the Chanel streets.
What was so unique about this show? It was styled to look like an old black and white film.

Karl pearls 2
Several of the models wore high thick pearl chokers to offset the large black collars and cuffs of the clothing.

Do you desire a peacock black pearl choker?
We have the ideal one here at our Pearl Showroom. Made up of 5 strands of freshwater droplet pearls, the necklace can be twisted up or worn loosely.

sophie hunter 2
Alternatively if your outfit needs a cuff or two, then why not do it in pearls?
Our white freshwater pearl ‘lace’ cuff with peacock black freshwater pearl detailing is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.
The pearls are connected to a sterling silver frame which can be molded to fit your arm.

565. edited image
One pearl look that our Pearl Team thought was lacking on the catwalk was a pearl torso.
16 strands of freshwater pearls… who wouldn’t want to wear this beauty!

Now that we have gone through the ‘Chanel fashion film’ take a look at our Coleman Douglas Pearls film


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