Eat your greens . . . or wear them!

Emerald c“All the green of nature is concentrated in the Emerald” St Hildegard of Bingen.
Spring has most definitely arrived, and given the recent weather “summer” has been the word on everyone’s lips here at Coleman Douglas Pearls! Our Pearl Showroom in Beauchamp Place has been basking in the gorgeous sunshine and our Pearl Team have been dreaming of BBQ’s in lush green parks.

emerald rLuckily for those born in May, you can have a slice of spring/summer greens in the form of this months birthstone – Emerald.
Emerald is arguably the most famous member of the Beryl family which also includes Aquamarine, and is said to represent the new spring’s growth. Although clarity is normally a key aspect in picking a stone, emeralds are notoriously “dirty” stones, containing many inclusions, therefore, colour is prized most highly.

This gorgeous green stone has been used as an adornment in jewellery since ancient Egypt, Cleopatra was said to be a big fan! Though these first emerald mines where in Egypt, Colombia is where the stone truly found fame producing between 50-90% of the world’s emeralds. The deep yet vivid green hue found in the Muzo mines of Columbia started a worldwide interest in the stone after explorers such as the Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortez brought the stone into Europe.

bluebells and yellow archangel croppedAnd on the subject of spring greens we have a small take on the theme ourselves in our Beauchamp Place pearl showroom. From Tuesday 17th May to Tuesday 7th June we will be showcasing the stunning botanical artwork of Katherine Amies. Her aim is to capture the intimate essence of plants, showing how the most humble vegetable can be a masterpiece of beauty and design. Our stunning pearl jewellery will also be on display alongside for you to see as well. Our opening hours are 11am-7pm Monday-Saturday.



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