The 3 ‘P’s

What you may be thinking are the 3 ‘P’s?!Coleman Douglas Pearls

Well to put you out of your misery they are…




Coleman Douglas PearlsThe 3 essential ‘P’s to any holiday! Whether your holidays are action packed, lazing on a beach, or busy seeing the sights, why not do it in pearl style!!
With famous ladies such as, Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, Princess Diana and Anna Wintour doing it, why shouldn’t you?!

Year after year do your holiday snaps fail to live up to expectations?  Well we have the lifelong solution to your problems. PEARLS. With the perfect pearl strand on it will lighten up your face and give you a wonderful glowing appearance.

ITALY If you, like many, have got the 1st two ‘P’s and are in serious need of a destination for the 3rd (plane), then might I suggest a stunning, peaceful, hot destination where you can chill by the infinity pool, make authentic Italian pizza, go on scenic walks, or just relax on the balcony taking in the breath taking views.

ITALYThe destination I speak of is located in the northern Tuscan hillside with views of the Carrara marble hills. The Villa is called LA COLLINA DEL SOLE. Owned by our designer and pearl specialist Chrissie Douglas, this Villa has been re-modelled to the highest spec.

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