Hot off the Press!

Necklace with pearls , bracelets with pearls , earrings with pearls , rings with pearls , brooches with pearls ….. if you want some pearl jewellery Coleman Douglas Pearls is the place to be!

Coleman Douglas Pearls
Breaking News!
Our beautiful large round freshwater pearl studs have been featured in a 6 page story entitled ‘The New Sloane Style…’ in the April issue of Tatler!
It seems that even though fashions change, pearls are always right NEVER going out of fashion.
Anna Chancellor and Chrissie DouglasThroughout history ladies such as Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria, Coco Chanel, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Jacqui Kennedy, and more recently the late Princess Diana, Mrs Michelle Obama, Kristin Scott Thomas, Anna Wintour and Emilia Fox, have favoured wearing pearls .
In some cases the lust for pearls went too far, like in the case of Elizabeth I who loved them so much that murdering to acquire more seemed acceptable!

‘I love the fact thatColeman Douglas Pearls women of all ages can dress up…or down in their pearls and automatically look elegant, demure and sophisticated, even in their pyjamas!’ – Chrissie Douglas

For this reason we believe everyone should own and wear pearls so that they too can ‘…look elegant, demure and sophisticated…’.
However, we do ask that you come and purchase the pearls rather than killing to acquire them!

There is still tColeman Douglas Pearlsime
Mothering Sunday is tomorrow, but fear not for our Pearl Showroom is open till 7pm so there is still time to purchase the pearls for your mum.
Come to 42 Beauchamp Place where our Pearl Team will be happy to help you find the perfect pearl gift for your mum.

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