Grace of Monaco

Grace Kelly
We’ve had ‘Coco before Chanel’, ‘My Week with Marilyn’ so it’s about time ‘Grace of Monaco‘ came to the Big Screen!
Known for her acting talent, fashion forward style, beauty and elegance, Grace Kelly was and still is to many, a style icon.

Grace was a keen pearl lover, making her feelings for the gem known world wide, famously saying:
‘I favour pearls on screen and in my private life.’
Grace Kelly2
When you look at images of Grace Kelly she is hardly ever seen without her pearl jewellery.
For this reason we at Coleman Douglas Pearls, along with all the other pearl aficionados of the world, have high expectations for the ‘pearl show’ that should (we hope) unfold on screen in the film ‘Grace of Monaco’, starring Nicole Kidman, Time Roth and André Penvern, to name but a few.

grace kelly prl neFancy some pearl jewellery with the Grace Kelly look?
Firstly you need the classic pearl strand necklace, a firm friend of hers.
We have a wide selection of pearl strands to choose from. Freshwater Pearl necklaces, Akoya Pearl necklaces and South Sea Pearl necklaces.
Call into our Pearl Showroom, located at 42 Beauchamp Place, London, SW3 1NX, where our Pearl Team can help you find the pearl necklace to best suit you.

Next…Pearl studs!grace kelly EA
Our large Freshwater Pearl studs on sterling silver posts are the accessory suitable for everything you do!

Want to be more ‘edgy’? Tahitian Pearl studs are for you! Coming in a diverse range of metallic colours, they are sure to set you apart from the crowd, while still maintaining the timeless classic elegance that pearls radiate.

Grace Kelly4
Need a plan for tonight?

Don your pearls and watch a film all about how a girl traded in her Hollywood Royalty position to become Princess of Monaco!…’Grace of Monaco’
Better still, rent out ‘Rear Window’ or ‘To Catch a Thief’ both staring Grace Kelly.

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