Eat your greens . . . or wear them!

"All the green of nature is concentrated in the Emerald" St Hildegard of Bingen. Spring has most definitely arrived, and given the recent weather "summer" has been the word on everyone's lips here at Coleman Douglas Pearls! Our Pearl Showroom in Beauchamp Place has been basking in the gorgeous sunshine and our Pearl Team have... Continue Reading →

Mario Testino + CDP = VOGUE

The new issue of VOGUE is out and to mark their 100th year anniversary they have published this special issue that celebrates the faces and fashions of a century. Why do we feel you should take a good look at this magazine? Perhaps it is because Coleman Douglas Pearl jewellery is featured in the Mario Testino... Continue Reading →

Here Comes The Bride…

The cherry blossom is out marking the beginning of the Wedding season, and what better way to start, than with a little nod towards William and Kate on their 5 year anniversary... Congratulations, for last week! 5 years ago our London Pearl Company, like the rest of the world, watched as Kate ascended the steps... Continue Reading →

Aquamarine – The feel good stone

What better way to celebrate that Spring is here than checking out the gorgeous blues of aquamarine, a firm favorite of one of our Pearl Team here at Coleman Douglas Pearls. Aquamarine is the birthstone of March and is said to bring the wearer good feelings and lasting relationships. It is the blue member of the... Continue Reading →

All you need is Love

...and PEARLS! This Valentine's Day buck the trend! Yes chocolates, flowers, hand written poems are lovely, but you did that last year, how about a change?! Below is are a few pearl treats bound to sweep every girl off her feet, especially if you combine it with a breakfast in bed and a loving card...... Continue Reading →

Get Your Fashion Armour On

'It's cold'... a statement that we British seem to be saying at an alarming rate! So how can you stay looking chic while wearing polo-necked jumpers, gloves and woolly hats?! The answer is... PEARLS 'When I'm cold I just put another rope of pearls on.' - Dorothy Parker Our pearl team have put together a... Continue Reading →


The film that has had every child under 98 years old singing along to the classic theme tune, ‘Let it Go’…let it go, can’t hold it back anymore…let it.. (sorry I got swept up in the song!) Do not fear I am not about to give you a running commentary on how awesome the film... Continue Reading →

There’s A Film For Everyone

Sit back and relax... the Christmas 'rush' is over. With all that turkey, potato, ham, bacon, parsnips, gravy, carrots, nut roast, and the dreaded brussel sprouts still digesting, the Pearl Team at Coleman Douglas Pearls have the perfect remedy...FILMS! Below we have chosen 3 films, one for men, ladies and children. MEN: Fancy a romantic... Continue Reading →

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