Jackie O’s pearls sale at Vintage event

Well over the estimated value, the simulated pearls owned by Jackie O have sold for £30,000 at an auction held at the Vintage at Goodwood festival last weekend.

The festival, celebrating the best of fashion, music and popular culture from the 1940’s to 1980’s culminated in the sale dubbed the ‘Pioneers of Popular Culture’ auction

Jackie O was indeed a pioneer in popular culture, inspiring the fashions not just in the USA, but worldwide, and is still celebrated today for her iconic style which included her staple accessories of the three-strand pearl necklace, along with pearl earrings and single strand pearl bracelet, which were also auctioned at the vintage festival.

However, pearls should not be relegated to a vintage fashion accessory, as they are popular today across the generations as a style classic as well as seasonal trend. New designs and ways with pearls make them wearable with the fresh fashions that come in each season. Designer Chrissie Douglas is continually creating fresh looks with freshwater pearls, semi-precious stones and other materials.

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