Hungry for some Hunger Games?

The new Hunger Games – Mockingjay Part 1 film is out!
Having waited a whole year to find out what will happen to Peeta, held prisoner in The Capital, and Katniss who is evolving into the symbolic leader of the rebellion, the cinemas are packed!
But whaHunger gamest does the character Katniss Everdeen and the actress Jennifer Lawrence have in common?
The previous ‘Hunger Games’ film, ‘Catching Fire’, showed Peeta giving Katniss a stunning Tahitian pearl which he found while fishing for food next to the Cornucopia.
While Jennifer Lawrence might not be fighting for her life after volunteering as tribute, she has been wearing a beautiful selection of pearl jewellery to press interviews and Red Carpet events.

Fancy their style? The team at Coleman Douglas Pearls have put together the Katniss Everdeen ‘warrior’ and the Jennifer Lawrence ‘girl next door’ look.

Katniss Everdeen:

Hunger games 2Our Pearl Company has the perfect collection that almost seems as if it was made with her in mind. Using black leather and metallic Tahitian pearls, the jewellery is modern and edgy.
The black leather has been knotted to look like barbed wire while the Tahitian pearls add an air of mystery through their colour and lustre.

hunger games 3
Jennifer Lawrence:

Pearl earrings are the essential ingredient in this girl’s jewellery box. Having been seen wearing pearl studs and long drop earrings to several recent events, we thought our drop back earrings would be ideal.

Coming in a range of different lengths and colours, there is a pair to suit all. Call into our Pearl Centre to view the collection.
hunger games 5
Now for all you gentlemen out there who fancy Peeta’s look we have an almost identical peacock black freshwater pearl tie pin, perfect for all those ‘Capitol’ occasions.

We at Coleman Douglas Pearls London wish you a wonderful weekend… ‘and may the odds be ever in your favour’!

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