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'The name's Bond, James Bond' One of the most well known lines in the world, and currently the hot topic of many J.B fans as 'Spectre' has finally arrived at The Big Screen. The British Secret Service agent, known for his sophisticated style, cool gadgets, and daring international exploits was once again pushed to the... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the FUTURE!

The date was 21.10.2015, and like most days it started out relatively normally, pearl jewellery was being sold, new pearl designs were being made, and London was ticking along nicely...until 4.29pm when we 'officially' stepped into the 'unwritten' future! If this makes no sense to you then cast your mind back to the cult classic... Continue Reading →

Don’t Miss Out

Have you heard? Did you see? Chanel's Mademoiselle Prive exhibition is ON! The exhibition is taking place in the Saatchi Gallery in Duke of York Square. A guaranteed star studded event. When you think of Coco Chanel you probably think of her wearing an exquisitely tailored monochrome outfit, with a cloud of cigarette smoke looming... Continue Reading →

We’ve got the Power!… Fashion Power!

Fashion, constantly changing, or so we thought! Big in the 70s...HUGE right now... it's Flower Power! Our Pearl Team saw a perfect example of this at yesterdays Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2016 catwalk show in Paris. The exterior building...a mountain of purple delphiniums, inside...a landslide of purple delphiniums! All in all there were more than 400,000... Continue Reading →

For The Love of Pearls!

'Never before had I seen a collection of pearls so ultimately modern, inspiring and uniquely cutting edge.' - Lucy Self Have you seen the pearl article? If not you should! Entitled, 'For The Love of Pearls', and featured in Unity Magazine, Lucy Self describes how she felt the first time she entered our 'Pearl Palace'... Continue Reading →

The Pearl Queen

'The pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens'. This last Wednesday marked the historic moment when Queen Elizabeth II became the longest reigning monarch, overtaking her great great granny, Queen Victoria. One photo that swept the national newspapers was the one on the right, where Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth are... Continue Reading →

Delicious September

Finally we have got through the summer and September is here with all her delicious oyster goodness! But before you dive into the oysters let our Pearl Company share a pearl of wisdom with you. Only eat oysters in months containing the letter 'R' in their names. For example September, October, November etc. ...It would... Continue Reading →

What are you wearing?!

It's the holiday season which means 1 thing... CCC = Colourful Creative Clothing But how can you pull this 'look' off? Our Pearl Company, located at Coleman Douglas Pearls Beauchamp Place London, SW3 1NX have the ideal collection inspired by the fun colourful styles seen around London. Oh and before I continue I would like... Continue Reading →

Let’s be caring

Pearls... how do you care for them? if at all? Caring for your pearls is as important as brushing your teeth! If you don't brush your teeth they will slowly go black, if you don't care for your pearls they will dry up, change colour and crack. So how do you look after them? Simple,... Continue Reading →


The sun is out, the bells are ringing, the congregation are in their pews, and the Groom is waiting with nervous anticipation at the front of church to see his radiant Bride. Slowly the music begins as the beauty dressed in all white/ivory floats towards her beaming husband to be, while gasps from the congregation... Continue Reading →

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